Your Contouring Kit Essentials

Contouring your face can seems a little scary, but you don’t have to look like you’ve drawn on your chiseled cheek bones and skinny nose if you have the right kit. Below are our pick of what you’ll need to contour like a pro. See our step by step on contouring here too.

BLEND: Face Blender Brush // Bobbi Brown £33 – One of the most important parts of your kit. Use this for application (you can use two different brushed for the lighter and darker shades if you want) but more importantly blending all the shades together. Choose a brush that doesn’t have hairs that are too long or else you’ll just be throwing the powder around. 

HIGHLIGHT: Sleek Glo Face & Body Highlighter // Boots €7.99 – This comes in a few different tones so choose the right one for your skin. The highlight on your face will reflect the light which gives your face more definition – and of course a lovely glow. 

BLUSH: Mac Powder Blush in Harmony // Debenhams £17.50 – This is more a finishing product once all the contouring had been done, but use it to give your cheeks a little pink.

BRONZE: Nars Bronzing Powder // House of Fraser £24.30 – This is like your contour paint – it’ll define the shape of your face the most as it’s creating that illusion of ‘shade’. Get a fine eye shadow brush for doing around your nose for example so you get good definition. 

Now give it a go!


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