Working The Wavy Bob

The bob is back with a bang but it’s all about the WOB for 2015 (wavy bob – get it?) We love this look and are jealous of you ladies with bone structure that can pull it off! Here’s a few things to remember when working this wave.

1. What ever the texture

No matter if your hair is fine or thick, pin straight or wavy, this will suit any hair. If you have super curly hair then a good blow dry and a quick spritz of holding spray will do the trick.


Image // Little Miss Momma

2. Using tongs

Curl small sections starting from the base of your head. Start half way down the section to avoid that Irish dancing look!


Image // Buzzfeed

3. It’s ok to be messy

You don’t need to spend hours perfecting the perfect wave – this look can get away with being a little messy so it doesn’t matter if you curl different ways.


Image // Fashion Tag

4. Work it in

If your hair is naturally wavy, work in a holding product like sea salt spray and scrunch it into your hair for that natural beach wave.


Image // Daily Make Over

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