Winter Wonderland Decorations

We recently wrote an article on ‘What Christmas Are You?‘ discussing the different themes of Christmas decorating (personally we love them all!). So over the next few weeks will bring you a decoration guide to help you get the perfect Christmas pretties for your home. Today’s theme is ‘Winter White’ to bring that snowy feeling indoors!

1. Waterford 2014 Annual Snowcrystal Ornament // Arnotts €50

2. Kurt S Adler Owl // Brown Thomas €6

3. Felt Snowflake // West Elm £7

4. Glass Tree Decoration // Article €6.95

5. Jewel Droplet // Dunnes €3

6. Vintermys // Ikea €7.90

7. Light Gesso Stars // Cox & Cox £65

Add a sprinkle of artificial snow on the mantle piece and a few reindeer and snowman ornaments and you could be in the North Pole!


Image // Pinterest

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