Winter To Spring Wardrobe Staples

As Winter slowly slips away, our Spring wardrobes are filling up with the next seasons delights. We are unfortunately in that transition period where it’s freezing one day and warm the next, so here’s a few items for your wardrobe to help you get dressed in the mornings.

1. A pastel coat

It’s not warm enough to just don a blazer out yet, so wearing a warm coat in a gorgeous Spring pastel colour is the perfect way to work both seasons.


Image // Hello Fashion

2. The peep toe boot

It’s not quite a shoe, it’s not quite a boot – we love this look to dress up your jeans. It hits both the Winter and Spring nail on the head.


Image // Penny Pincher

3. The trench 

One of our favourite pieces to come back year after year is the trench coat. This classic goes with everything! If it’s too cold out to wear on it’s own then layer up.


Image // Bridgette Style

4. Floral scarves

Stock up on a few floral scarves in your wardrobe to bring a pop of a Spring to your outfit when it’s cold.


Image // Harpers Bazaar

5. Ripped jeans

As you can afford to bare a little more skin now, ripped jeans are great way to move your outfit towards Spring/Summer. Casual or dressy, they work.


Image // Daily Chic

Featured Image // Diorina

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