What You Need To Know About Laser

Laser hair removal has definitely become the must have treatment, why? Because it really works, you can see dramatic changes even after 2-3 sessions, it gets rid of ingrown hairs and irritation and leaves the skin feeling super soft and hair free.  It is important to keep the following points in mind when considering laser hair removal treatments for the first time.

1. The type of laser used matters, a lot

There are many different types of lasers used for laser hair removal, it is important to choose FDA approved Medical Grade lasers for the best results in fewer sessions.

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2 Actual time spent on your treatments is just as important as the laser being used

Laser Hair Removal is a treatment that cannot be rushed, if the laser is passed over the skin too quickly the laser energy cannot be delivered effectively into the skin leaving treatment areas looking patchy.

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3. Laser will only work on brown or black hairs

There has to be pigment present in the hair for laser to target it, blond, red or grey hairs will not work with laser. Check out our hair colour scale to see if you are suitable.

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4. Hair removal specialists

Choose a clinic with one focus, dedicated hair removal specialists have the knowledge and experience to insure your treatments are effective and safe.  Performing hair removal treatments all day, every day ensure they are experts in their field.

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5. You will most likely need more than 6 sessions

Laser is an amazing treatment but it is not a miracle 6 session cure, your hair growth will be lighter and finer after 6 sessions but you may still have some hair, on average people need between 6-10 sessions to see long lasting results.

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6. You will need Top up sessions from time to time

After your initial 6-10 treatments you may see some regrowth 5-6 months after your last session, you simply have a top up treatment at this stage, this will reduce the hair again for another 6 months.  Time frames in-between your top up sessions may increase after some time.

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Join the 1,000’s of other women and men who have had this amazing treatment with us.  We offer pay per session treatments and do not require any big upfront payments to start, our laser consultations are free of charge and take approx. 30 minutes.

Contact Urbana Laser Clinics today to find out more about laser hair removal: www.urbana.ie or call 016351616.


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