What You Need In Your Emergency Bridal Beauty Kit

When it’s your big day, you want nothing to go wrong, so it’s always important to have emergency supplies on hand. Whether it’s hair out of place, an uncooperative veil or fake tan mishaps, here’s a few things to have on the day for those just-in-case moments.

1. Bobby Pins // Boots €2.99 – A box of bobby pins is always necessary for those stray hairs or when your do might get a little loose from the evenings dancing!

2. Invisible Plasters // Boots €3.99 – Where it says invisible, it really means it. They’re great for blisters/cuts if you’re wearing sandals because you can’t see the plaster at all, trust us!

3. NYX Blotting Paper // Amazon £4.82 - If you have oily skin or get a little flushed from all the dancing, keep this blotting paper at hand for mattifying the skin again. It’s far better than running to the bathroom every half an hour to reapply makeup.

4. Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer // Boots €5.49 – Get a concealer in your skin tone for any pesky blemishes that pop up. Dewy concealers are better – we love Rimmels Wake Me Up one. 

5. Mini Hair Brush // The Body Shop £4 – If your hair is down then a brush is necessary for keeping your locks lovely and soft looking. You’ll especially need it if it’s breezy out when you’re taking your pictures. 

6. Champneys Glass Nail File // Boots €13 – Broken nails are a nightmare, and even more so on your wedding day. These glass files are great for your nails and won’t chip your varnish any further. 

7. Sewing Kit by The Contemporary Home // Not On The High Street €16.76 – Safety pins and a needle and thread are a must – if your veils acting up or a button goes you’ll want to get one of your bridesmaids on the case asap!

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