Use The Best Red Lip For Your Skin Tone

Taylor Swift is the queen of the red lip and always wears the perfect tone for her skin. It’s important to match the right red with your complexion or else the two could clash and you’ve got a make-up disaster on your hands.

If you have fairer skin or have slight pink undertones in your complexion, then opt for a blue-based red lipstick (think more berry red). If you have more sallow skin however then you can go for those with an orange undertone. When testing them on your hand in the shop there might be the slightest difference but you’ll really notice the two colour tones when it’s on your lips.

Our favourite picks for the two different types would be:

With a blue undertone: Seventeen Stay Pout in Infrared €5.69


Image // Fashion Loves Photos

With an orange undertone: Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Red Lacquer €10.69


Image // Mypham

Also to remember – before applying your red lippy, make sure that you have flawless foundation, especially if you have uneven or a reddish complexion. A red lip can sometimes be unforgiving so if you have the perfect canvas to apply to then you’ll be red hot.

Featured Image // Celebrities In View

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