Tried & Tested: Rimmel London Foundations

I have a new penchant for looking at budget buy make up.  My curiosity has literally sky rocketed in the last year.  Don’t get me wrong, I really don’t think I’ll ever turn my back on my luxury brands but it is nice to have a back up if things are running low, if you just have a wait a little longer for pay day or you don’t want to travel with your higher priced products.

Over the last while I have been dabbling with a few Rimmel Foundations.  It was actually Pippa O’Connor that sent me in that direction after reading one of her reviews on the Lasting Finish 25Hr Nude Foundation.  I’ve followed her fashion advice too and I’m telling you, River Island Amelie jeans have changed my life!

So back to make up, here is my experience with Rimmel.

Wake Me Up Anti Fatigue Foundation
SPF 15
Skin Brightening
Peptides and Vitamin Moisturising Complex
Light to Medium Coverage


The finish of this is fresh, glowy and really moisturising.  The hydrated shine stays on the skin too, unless it’s set with powder.

I found this a little too “slippy” on my oily skin.  It lost its coverage during the day but I could imagine it being great on a drier, more dehydrated skin.  I will be passing this on to someone with better/clearer skin than me that needs more  nourishment and less coverage.

Lasting Finish 25Hour Nude Foundation
SPF 20
Skin Perfecting
Medium coverage


The result of applying this foundation was a nude and poreless effect across the skin.

It claims to be sweat, heat, humidity and transfer proof and I can vouch it really does not budge, even when you’re dancing like a lunatic across the dance floor.

Creates smooth coverage and a flawless finish.  I’ve used this on nights out and the colour and coverage is great.  A little too heavy for everyday in my opinion but I’ll keep this in the make up drawer for sure.

Match Perfection
SPF 18
Light Perfecting Radiance Foundation
Medium coverage


It claims to have traceless coverage with Advanced Smart-Tone technology for perfectly flawless skin under any light and it includes Sapphire Radiance for an illuminating glow.

I found this to be more moisturizing than Lasting Finish25Hr Nude with great coverage, which is the perfect balance, for my oily and dehydrated skin.  It looks fresher for everyday and the colour definitely matches better for more even coverage.  So this has to be my winning formula!

A word of warning though:  with these Rimmel foundations, the colours are different across the formulas even though names and numbers are the same.

The two end colours are “Ivory 100” and the middle one is “Soft Beige 200”


Foundation Tips:

  1. Skincare is the basis to great make up.  Ensure the skin is hydrated, smooth and primed for make up to ensure the best, most even finish
  2. Foundation is to be the colour of your skin – not the colour you want to be.  Always swatch onto bare skin and double-check in daylight.
  3. Concealer (in the same colour) can add extra coverage on areas that need it
  4. Bronzer will warm the skin and create shape when applied where the sun naturally hits
  5. Do not apply foundation over the eyelids or under the eyes.  The skin is too thin and can lead to darkness and puffiness over time and also gives a flat finish to your face.  Use a concealer under the eyes that is brighter to lift the skin

Have you tried any of these foundations?  What did you think of them?


Stephanie Burgess is a professional and experienced Irish make up artist who has recently started blogging. She is also a beauty lover, wannabe foodie, hot yoga fan, and a creative. Follow her on on TwitterInstagramFacebook and Pinterest.   

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