Tried & Tested: Mink Lashes

Have you tried Mink Lashes? I am a massive fan of them. The perfect accessory for the girl on the go, you could leave the house without makeup on, and still look glam with these lashes. Not that I’d ever contemplate such a thing!

Mink lashes are made of luxurious silk, they are lightweight and they come in multiple lengths, thickness and curls in order to suit each client and their lash needs. And no, you won’t end up looking like a drag queen nor will you be generating wind every time you blink. I have used acrylic before and I find the mink lashes to be far superior and more natural looking.

Now, part of my love affair with Mink Lashes is down to the people that apply them. They are the same people who keep my caterpillar brows in check, it’s the ladies at The Lash Lounge – they are the best in their field.

The girls are based on the Main Street in Dundrum, just off the Luas line. Their place is gorgeous too, including getting a fur throw put over you as they beautify you. They take excellent care, they are lovely to chat to, and they don’t mind if you start snoring mid-application. Bonanza! Pretty sure I’ve almost drooled at times.

For your initial set you would be looking at a 1.5 hours of application and up to an hour for your refills. I generally get up to 6 weeks out of mine, but you are recommended to get them refilled every 4 weeks.

You do not need to apply mascara to these lashes, this will just make them clumpy. When removing my eye makeup I tend to use a cotton bud and a non-oily cleanser. This will also help to make them last. I use a disposable mascara wand too to brush through them to keep their fullness at a maximum.

I recommend these lashes for brides to be (they’ll still be immaculate on your honeymoon too), for anyone going on a normal holiday or just for people who are incredibly narcissistic like me!

Here is my before, I am missing half my makeup from having my HD Brow treatment too, but it’s good that you can see very fair, short lashes.


And here is my transformation, I have no eye makeup (liner, eyeshadow or mascara!)


You can check out the Lash Lounge on Facebook or visit them at You can thank me later!

Avalon x

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