Tried & Tested: MAC 213 Fluff Brush

If you can stretch your budget to one new brush this month then make it the 213 Mac Fluff brush. This dome shaped brush is going to enhance your eye makeup routine and make you look like you’re a dab hand with your tools. The brush itself is soft and responds well to cleaning so you will have it for a long time too.  I use Mac’s Brush Cleanser for my babies – it’s €15.00 for 235ml bottle and you only need a spritz.

mac-213-fluff-brush - ADJ

This is a fantastic multi-tasking brush as it manages to do all of the following:

1. Packing eyeshadow directly onto the lid
2. Used underneath the eye for a gentle smoky look
3. To highlight the brow
4. In the crease of the eye for depositing your transition colour
5. Blending out your colours so that the application looks even

That’s pretty impressive from one small brush. I am all about the multitasking products, especially if you’re a Povo Pete the last few weeks like me.  It’s a great brush for the beginner or anyone who might be a little afraid of ending up looking like a tranny or panda or both..

You can purchase this brush in Brown Thomas or BT2 and it is €24.50, but for all the things it can do it is so worth it.

Your eyes will thank you,


Avalon from The Girl Pout Town is our beauty contributor and guinea pig! She shares her weekly knowledge with us on products to pretty yourself and as a qualified make-up artist from Make Up Forever, she really knows a thing or two. If you would like to contribute to just email! 

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