Tried & Tested: Guinot Techni-Slimming Body Wrap

Have you ever tried a body wrap?  Wrapped up like a mummy in bandages?  Well I gave it a go a couple of weeks ago to see what all the fuss was about and the results were great.  Smoother feeling, as well as looking, skin was mine after a relaxed and effortless treatment.

What I loved about this treatment was that a massage was included.  The in-depth massage techniques were designed and are performed to visibly reduce the appearance of cellulite and restore skin’s firmness.  These techniques work with the serums to improve the treatment and give better results.  Massage improves the lymph flow and improves drainage within the tissues, and then the wrap/bandages that are soaked in the serum are applied.

The owner and therapist of Templeogue Beauty Clinic, Sarah, is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to the treatments she offers.  I’ve enjoyed many treatments with her before. If you’re like me, and love to know how and why a product or technique does what it does, she is your woman to ask.


There are two options with the Guinot Techni wrap:


Key actives of Caffeine and Isoslim Complex

Combats the appearance of cellulite whilst inhibiting the formation of new fat in the targeted area


Key actives of Crelastin B and alaria Esculenta

Designed to firm the body and tone the skin and fight against skin slackening

Techni Slimming was the route I went down.  Winter covered skin still needs the love and attention remember.  No more denial for me.

So What Happens:


Fluffy gown donned before getting onto the bed

Serum applied from toes to thighs

Massage techniques to work it in

Stand and bandage.  These bandages are soaked in the serum.  They act as a barrier so the serum is forced into the skin and aids penetration.  Clingfilm is used in other body wraps but this induces sweating and fluid loss alone, which is easily replaced through drinking

Rest, wrap and enjoy

Head and neck massage

Wrap removal


After care – drink water


Tip on how to know how much water intake you need:

Get your body weight in lbs

Half it

Divide by 16

This gives you the pints of water you need to drink

Love a new technique and way of thinking, and this feels more achieveable than the never ending 8 glasses of water.  It’s all in the mindset.

So ideally you are to embark on a course of 5-6 treatments for longer lasting results but after one treatment my skin felt smoother, legs felt lighter and now I actually focus on exfoliating and massaging moisturiser into my legs to improve the texture and tone.  So this treatment gave me results, focused my attention on keeping a bikini body all year round and also gave me relaxation time!  Win win some may say.

At home care:

Body Slimming Concentrate Cream

Luxurious Body Firming Cream

Slimming Shower Gel


There is currently an offer for this treatment at Templeogue Beauty Clinic for just €45 (RRP €65)

Stephanie x

Stephanie Burgess is a professional and experienced Irish make up artist who has recently started blogging. She is also a beauty lover, wannabe foodie, hot yoga fan, and a creative. Follow her on on TwitterInstagramFacebook and Pinterest.  

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