Tried & Tested: Dermalogica Facial at Eve at The Grooming Rooms

This week I was invited to Eve at the Grooming Rooms to try out their Dermalogica Prescriptive Facial treatment. I was rather excited about this as my pledge this year is to take better care of my skin, that doesn’t include bathing myself in a vat of cider. After hearing reviews about Dermalogica and their techniques of skin mapping analysis, I was intrigued to see what it could do for my skin.

I don’t have exceptionally great skin as I have said before, there’s scarring from teenage acne and I am a bold girl for popping them now to this day, thank sweet baby Jesus for makeup.

I love the Victorian style décor upon entering the salon and the plush waiting room. There’s even a Dermalogica testing stand – I was tempted to do a Winona Ryder and swipe some items but I fought the urge.

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The staff are lovely and very welcoming, the therapist who was assigned to me was Marzena. As I leapt up on the heated bed like an excited puppy and pulled the towel over me, I instantly felt relaxed in the dimly lit treatment room.

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Marzena began my face mapping by asking me some standard questions about my daily routine and products I use. Then the facial began, after some further close up inspection, with a hot flannel to the face, then a cleanse, exfoliant, extraction, mask, moisturiser… the works!

For anyone that does not know what extraction is, it’s to do with the unclogging of the pores. I was very excited about this, I think I am sadistic. Marzena managed to clear the majority of pores with the exfoliant, but I still needed some extraction. I am sure I was very helpful eagerly asking ‘’And, does it make a pop?!’’  While the extraction pressing against the nose is a little uncomfortable at times, it’s not too sore and well worth it for the results.


There was also a part that sounded like a steam kettle, I am just glad I didn’t say ‘’Kinda strong, bit of milk, no sugar’’.  I believe it was to enhance the cleansing process. When Marzena handed me the mirror to see my pores and my skin, I was delighted! Clear and reduced pores. My skin looked like it was glowing. Marzena also performed a massage on my neck, shoulders and arms. That woman’s hands! My God, I’d marry them. The final mask at the end smelled like buttercream too. Delicious!

Marzena gave me some samples to try at home, these samples were all specific to my skin type. She also gave me a face chart of the problem areas and what’s going on there. My skin felt soft and like it could breathe and was no longer congested.

This is perfect for anyone with problematic skin, if you’re in need of some TLC or elae course of facials would be perfect for the run up to a big event. The treatment lasts for 60 minutes and it’s the perfect way to spend an hour in a hectic world. It costs €75 but I feel for the level of treatment and care it is worth it. You could always try out their express facial for €45 to see if it’s for you.

It’s cool that they are within the Grooming Room if you fancied spending an afternoon being pampered with your other half. You can throw him in there for a while to be man-scalped!

Drop into Eve at the Grooming Rooms on South William Street or check out

Avalon x

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