Tried & Tested: Coco White Teeth Whitening

For the last two weeks, I have been trying out Coco White’s Oil Pulling sachets. This formula consists of coconut oil for a healthier approach to oral hygiene and teeth whitening. It is made of 100% natural, preservative free ingredients for you to achieve whiter teeth and healthier gums. This technique is derived from an old Indian remedy which is used to reduce the amount of bacteria in your mouth. Success!

Coco nuts

If, like me, you find your gnashers are not really white naturally then this could be for you. If you are a social media fiend, creeping until all hours, you have probably noticed a lot of celebrities on Twitter posting their Coco selfies.

It comes in three different flavours Vanilla Swirl, Light Lemon, Minty Fresh or you can get an assortment box of these flavours. I opted for Minty Fresh and my order arrived with 14 sachets for my mouth detox. I used these daily but if you were on a shorter timescale you could probably up the increments. You tear the sachet open and swirl it around your mouth for 5-15 minutes.

I found it was easier to do it when I was blow drying my hair as I was less aware of the time. If I did it without doing any activity I was checking my phone every few minutes thinking, ‘’Oh, I’ve been doing this foreeeeevvver’’… The one day that I did do it for 15 minutes my teeth felt very sensitive after. I do have quite sensitive teeth at times though so maybe I am just a weener! I found 11-12 minutes suited me best as I felt no sensitivity afterwards, having started at the steady 5 initially.

After sachet 4 I could definitely see a difference in my teeth, especially when wearing some lipstick. The consistency itself is so strange initially and then it starts to breakdown into a really watery minty mouthwash. Not unpleasant or anything, just strange! This is an excellent alternative to the usual teeth whitening methods as it is not harsh on your teeth. Nor do you have to abide by a ‘’white only’’ diet for a day or two afterwards. You can still have your tea or coffee fix.


The box of sachets is £19.99 and £5 for delivery. The delivery is was quite quick so I was happy to pay that price. You can get Coco White on

Tip: Order around 1pm as they tend to fly out of stock!

This formula would suit anyone, male or female, looking to enhance their current teeth regime. It would be good for a bride looking to add a little something extra to her day without looking like Ross from Friends or Chloe Sims! You have gained a new fan Coco White.


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