Tried & Tested: Brow Tint & Wax – Benefit Brow Bar

I’m a self confessed brow virgin. I’ve never been good at shaping them – my twin Sister desperately tried when we were teenagers to pin me down and tweeze them to within an inch of their fluffy lives, but alas, I resisted and did the best grooming to my ability. Unfortunately, my recent trip to my first ever brow bar taught me that my ability was far from best, and I over plucked, in the wrong areas; never a good thing.

The Benefit shop on South William Street is a girly haven, a lovely place to visit. The staff are really welcoming and offered tea and coffee when I sat down. Louise, my therapist, was lovely, and very sympathetic to me losing my brow-virginity!


So this is them pre-brow bar; little patchy caterpillars. I didn’t think they looked that bad, but after a professional got their hands on them I realised how wrong I was.


And this is them after. I was so happy with the colour, as i’ve never died my hair (I know, I know, i’m a bit of a beauty virgin all together), that I was rather anxious about having them a lot darker than the hair on my head. The waxing was quick and painless, but make sure to get a patch test before going ahead because I did get a little blotchy in that area after.


I also bought the ‘Gimme Brow’ gel in light/medium which again is a perfect colour for mousy/dark blondes – that was €25.50. The brow tint and wax was €26.


So, i’m going to continue my brow journey by leaving the tweezers alone and rely on the professionals to keep them in shape. Wish me luck!

Louise x

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