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The Amazing Cosmetics concealer has long been touted by the beauty world as THE best concealer to have, so, I was very happy when it arrived for me to test. As always, I have put the product through the ringer to see how good it really is.

AmazingConcealer is an extremely pigmented, liquid-cream concealer, which means it’s best to start with a small amount and build coverage as needed. Nobody likes a concealer moustache! A dot the size of a pinhead is enough concealer to provide medium coverage, I found this covered my acne scars and spots really well. It also eradicated any redness in my skin too. You need to be careful applying this product though and spend the time applying as it will just cake otherwise. Without a good brush or sponge, this concealer becomes tacky and will quickly crease into fine lines and wrinkles, especially around the eyes and mouth.

While the concealer most certainly eradicates the dark circles, for me, it is just a little too heavy for under my eyes. However, if you suffer from really dark circles and you have the time to apply it, then it’ll make your life much better. Or if you’ve had a heavy night on the tiles, it will definitely cover up the lack of sleep. Success!

I loved using the concealer along the bridge of my nose for contouring and under the brow bone too. It also acts well on the lid of the eye to erase any discolouration and act as a base for your eyeshadow.

This is definitely a multi-tasking product and you only need a small amount to see you through. There is also a good colour range for this product, especially for a concealer which I am impressed with. It will certainly be staying in my kit and used in conjunction with some of my other concealer weapons.

Below is a guideline of all the areas you can use the AmazingConcealer on:


Here’s a tip for applying concealer under the eye area:

Concealer tip1

You will find this concealer on, you can purchase the larger tube for €36.50 and the smaller version ‘’A Little Amazing’’ for €24.90 (the smaller version will last you!) It is available in Marks & Spencers too, fling it in with the food shop.

Avalon x

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