Tried & Tested: 4 Eye Makeup Removers

Dual phase eye make up removers are my go to for quick, easy and effortless eye make up removal and cleansing.  Nowadays a lot of eye products are waterproof and even if they’re not they have great durability and are smudge proof.  This in turn can mean they are a struggle to remove.

Dual phase or “oily” eye makeup removers work to break down the long wear of the products while cushioning the skin and caring for the eyes. They also work incredibly well to remove long wear lip colours.

Always ensure you shake the mixture in the bottle before using as this is necessary for the ingredients to mix and work effectively.  Without shaking the bottle you only get half the ingredients, half the effectiveness and half the use of the bottle, as it will not work if half the mixture is missing.  The levels should be relatively even throughout use.

Dual phase eye makeup removers are my Holy Grail eye makeup removers as they give instant cleansing ability and a comforted feeling around the eyes.

Below I have tested 4:


Bobbi Brown Instant Long Wear Eye Make Up Remover

I have used this eye make up remover for years.  Always guaranteed to do the job.  Instant removal with a hydrated finish with not an ouce of mascara, liner or smearing left. The airtight and ‘child proof’ lid makes it the perfect companion for travelling as no spillages.

Garnier Express 2 in 1 Eye Make Up Remover

Quick, easy and effortless.  This eye make up remover dissolved my eye make up in seconds and left my eye area feeling soothed and make up free.

The flip cap lid allows for quick opening and closing.  This really is a turning point in my choice of products, it’s all about the ease of packaging for me.


Nivea Daily Essentials Double Effect Eye Make Up Remover

Another bargain buy, does exactly what the others do but I have a confession – I transferred it to the Garnier bottle when it was finished to make my evenings easier – no more lid searching around the sink!

Penneys P.S. I Love Your Skin Eye Make Up Remover

Ouch is my reflex response.  This remover took off my eye makeup easily enough but then the watering and stinging started.  It just didn’t do it for me, that is not how I need to feel in the evenings removing make up.  Once I washed over my eyes with water all was good in the world again.  I have now moved this to my makeup dresser to remove makeup from the back of my hand in the mornings. like stubborn gel eyeliner or foundation.  Just not my match for the eyes unfortunately.

Stephanie x

Stephanie Burgess is a professional and experienced Irish make up artist who has recently started blogging. She is also a beauty lover, wannabe foodie, hot yoga fan, and a creative. Follow her on on TwitterInstagramFacebook and Pinterest.   

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