Tried & Tested: 4 Different Brand Bronzers

Bronzers are not just about making the face brown.  Nor should they be kept for the summer months.  We need bronzer to create a healthy sun kissed glow on the skin and also to define and give shape..  Placing bronzer on the highest points of the face helps this.

Before applying bronzer, think of where light hits and fades on the skin.  This will give the healthiest and most natural bronzer application and finish on the skin (if necessary, stand under a light and see where the colour falls).

1. Work bronzer into the hairline (nearly brush back into your hair with the brush) as this resembles the strength of colour we get when the sun darkens the skin and it’s the area we cannot always work the sun cream into far enough.

2. The sun then hits the top of the cheeks and falls out to the edges of the skin (note no hard lines). To replicate this with a bronzer brush, apply bronzer downwards in mini semi circles over the fullest part of your cheeks, up and out to the hairline.  Avoid just applying it backwards and forwards on the cheek as this leads to what I refer to as “go faster” stripes.  We want intensity of colour applied to the highest parts of the cheeks and for it to blend across the skin.

3. Bounce your brush then down through the forehead, nose and chin.

4. Connect any significantly paler parts of the face and neck.  In particular, the triangle area under your chin that shadows, and rarely, if ever gets a colour.  This prevents the “floating head” look.

My Go To Bronzers

The shades are all more of a cinnamon tone, which most naturally compliments how most of us tan naturally in the sun.  Each option comes in a variety of colours so do try before you buy.

1. Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder in “Medium” €37

This bronzer has been my go-to for years now.  The texture blends so easily to reflect a natural glow in a matte finish.


2. M.A.C Mineralize Skinfinish €31

I first tried this Mineralize Skinfinish as a natural make up on the skin when I was Greek island hopping a good few years ago.  It gives a dimensional yet natural matte finish. The Medium/Deep shade is so soft on the skin and gives a healthy finish for a sun kissed look.


3. Sleek Face Contour Kit in “Light” €8.49

Such a fantastic duo Bronzer and Highlighter to go.  Love a multi-tasker.


4. Wet and Wild Colour Icon Bronzing Powder SPF 15  in ”Ticket to Brazil” €4.49

The colour is gorgeous on the skin.  This is my current bronzer but as it is a lot softer texture than the more expensive options it can flake a bit if you swirl your brush in the container (and if like me you do your make up sitting down, your knees will be covered!)  To overcome this I just press my brush into the pan to get colour onto my brush now.  And I do like having mirrors in the more expensive bronzer compact options which I never really knew before but you cannot really complain at only €4.49!


Stephanie Burgess is a professional and experienced Irish make up artist who has recently started blogging. She is also a beauty lover, wannabe foodie, hot yoga fan, and a creative. Follow her on on TwitterInstagramFacebook and Pinterest.

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