Trending Now: The Many Faces Of The ‘It’ Bag

Since the nineties, the holy grail of the luxury fashion industry has been that elusive arm candy, ‘The It Bag’. Once described in Vogue as “that totemic accessory that announced you were the owner of all that was desirable in the world.”

So that explains why for the last five years us woman have lugged around oversized, large holdalls, carrying everything bar the kitchen sink. An attempt to give the impression that inside our luxury and extremely on trend gigantic hand bag, was a whole lot more important luxury possessions. Ok, it’s just a theory, but for whatever reason, be it peer pressure from celeb endorsement (Victoria Beckham known for carrying bags so large that they made her already tiny silhouette look alarmingly disproportional), or the need to have our peers contemplate the question ‘what could she possibly be carrying around in it?’ Well prepare to downsize!

cara delevinge

There seems to be a new era upon us; the rein of ‘the micro bag’. This smaller sized bag may strike fear into those who fall into a blind panic at the thoughts of leaving the house with anything less than their entire make up bag, a hair brush, their signature scent and a wallet jam packed with a healthy amount of plastic and bunched together receipts. But, believe it or not, this mini marvel is one of the hottest accessories for the coming seasons!

the it bag

Don’t pass out just yet! There are some alternative creations trending now in regards to the absolute must have hand bag. The beauty of the new season is that we are not restricted to the one and only must have peace, freedom of choice is here and there are many faces to the 2015 ‘It bag’.

So lets explore the innovative use of textures, shapes and colours that will make you feel, quite literally, like a kid in an (arm) candy store! 1970s retro shapes are back in. We are seeing a fresh and interesting approach to the already classic shoulder bags and crossover styles. The bucket bag is reinvented, patterns are loud and proud, as well as some utterly unique and interpretations.

chanel bag

So being mindful of the price tag in which a luxury designer purse can set one back (which is often of cardiac arrest proportions), I have put together an ‘It bag’ menu, displaying both minted and wise options that will equip you with some ultra-fashionable arm candy insights. Behold these babies, from the hierarchy of elites and the not so scary alternatives that sacrifice zero quality or style of a luxury piece.

The Monster Clutch

it bags

The Bucket List



The Micro Marvel


The Loud & Proud

IT BAG 2015

The Retro Lady


The Cartoon Tote


The Reptilian


The Metallic Micro


Perhaps now you will feel compelled to gift yourself an ‘It bag’ and join the 2015 fashion pack.

May you always carry your things fashionably.


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