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Biological gender has for century’s dictated the roles we play (or are expected to play) in society, with rare beings throughout the decades brave (and stylish) enough to deviate from the norm. Exhibit A; Marlene Dietrich, Hollywood starlet (1901-1992), known especially for wearing masculine attire to her public appearances and considered outrageous!


In the 21st century however, a new social scenario is on the rise, an environment where self expression and diversity is admired and encouraged. With this freedom many people are resting themselves quite comfortably in the grey zone.

Andreja Pejic transgender model, voted in top 100 sexiest woman by FHM Magazine 2011:


Designer Mark Jacobs in drag:


With fashion being primordial in the creation and expression of ones identity, it’s no surprise that Gender Fluidity is the fashion meme of 2015.

Miuccia Prada has chosen to deliberately ‘blur’ the line between the sexes, in her most recent Prada collection, Miuccia has veered from the typical mens and womans clothing divide, presenting on her runways an absolute celebration of his and hers equality. “Any time I do menswear I’m thinking this would look fantastic for woman or at least for me, and more and more it feels instinctively right to translate the same idea for both”.


Gucci was just one of many designers whos menswear collections exhibited female influences, presenting male models with flowing locks, romantic reds, silk, chiffon, sultry silhouettes in there Fall 2015 menswear collection.


Designer Louise Trotter, creative director at Joseph, has created a menswear collection for woman in Joseph’s women’s wear Fall 2015 XX Chromosome Collection. “For me right now that is the way I want to dress, and it reflects the way I am seeing fashion now”.


Selfridges is launching its new gender neutral clothing line, the A Agender Project, on March 12th 2015 – three floors of unisex apparel displayed on gender neutral mannequins in its flagship store in London. “A shopping experience without the limitation of stereotypes”.


On a more personal note, I never did quite understand the obligatory high heel considered essential to a womans professional uniform. It’s refreshing for me to see such vivid statements by fashion design and retail powerhouses on this gender topic and to play a tiny role in the masculine famine interplay which is sure to continue to thrive in our society.

I have always felt at my most creative and empowered when wearing a pant suit and brogues (I think because that lurking suspicion that I may just be a sexual object diminishes), but for whatever reason the fact is when I choose what could be considered as “masculine” fashion elements to create my own personal image, I feel limitless. I wish this same limtiless feeling to every man and woman who feels at there most creative and empowered in a romantic chiffon blouse.

The bottom line, fashion can help depict personal freedom, outer and inner. Check out this years Fashion Clash festival ‘Gender Bending’ – very inspiring!


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