Top Tips For Sweat-Proof Makeup

Holidays, festivals, Saturday nights on the tiles, are all times when you can get your sweat on and your makeup seriously suffers. So for these occasions, adopt the following tips to keep your makeup firmly in the one place.

1. Start with a mattifying primer

Apply a primer before your foundation that will even out pores and matte oily skin. It will also make your foundation hold for longer. Try Infallible by L’Oreal.


2. Avoid silicone foundation and cream eyeshadows 

These will only go cakey in the heat and crease on your skin. Instead use a matte foundation and concealer and powder eye shadows. Try Rimmel’s Stay Matte Foundation.


3. Translucent setting powder

You might have a finishing powder in your makeup bag already but these translucent ones are perfect for setting but not affecting your contouring and colouring. Try the Dermablend Setting Powder from Vichy.


4. Extra hold

Setting sprays are a good way to finish locking in that makeup. They’re lightweight and you can get matte effect ones too. Go with the Matte Finish from NYX in Debenhams.


Now, that makeup’s not going anywhere!

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