Tips To Keep Your Hormones Healthy

Ok ladies, answer the following questions; Do you ever have trouble sleeping? Do you suffer from fatigue or tiredness? Do you carry excess body fat on certain parts of your body? Do you ever have an irregular menstrual cycle? Do you crave certain foods? Do you get bloated? Do you suffer with dry or irritated skin? Are you planning on having a family and worried about your fertility?

If your answer is yes to one or more of the above you might want to get your estrogen levels in check. Check out the information below to find out how you can do this.

First of all what are Estrogens? 

They are a group of hormones that that are important for female sexual and reproductive development. AKA – The Female Sex Hormone. Hormones direct our body’s responses. For example how we respond to factors, like food, chemicals, exercise, stress, sleep, and more. They play a huge role in how our bodies function (for example; how we use food for fuel, whether food gets stored as fat or burned as fuel, whether we feel hungry or full, whether we experience food cravings or not, our mood, and even our motivation to exercise. Every person’s resting or exercising hormonal levels are unique. Hormones make us feel! They give us feedback that we can “feel”—the feeling of fullness. We can use these feelings to recognize what our estrogen levels are up to.

AVOID and ELIMINATE xenoestrogens

Have you heard of Xenoestrogens? Xenoestrogens are substances that mimic estrogen within our body, a.k.a. ‘Fake estrogens’. (‘Xeno’ meaning ‘foreign’). These xenoestrogens can be found in:
BPA (a compound used to give rigidity to plastic bottles and food containers)
PCB’s (found in coolants, paints, cements, pesticides
Phthalates (used in plastic to make it more pliable)

plastic bottles

Your body has at any moment or point in time (health depending) decided exactly how much of each hormone should be produced and present within your body to the best of its ability. This is when our estrogen levels are nicely balanced within our own body – wooohooo! Maybe for the cave woman they stayed this way but today with the presence of xenoestrogens entering our body our estrogen balance is thrown out of sync, causing many of the symptoms of hormonal imbalances which I mentioned at the beginning.

Unfortunately for us ladies xenoestrogens are most commonly found in women’s cosmetic products, like creams, shampoos, lotions, perfumes etc. These products can be pumped with phthalates, parabens and aluminum. (All of which enter our body through our skin, creating these ‘fake estrogens’ within our body, causing an imbalance in our hormone level). Again like everything in life it all comes back to balance!

The presence of xenoestrogens is a major concern today. Life, health and reproduction depend upon a smoothly operating hormonal system. More and more women are becoming infertile along with all the other hormonal imbalance symptoms I mentioned earlier.

Here is a list of tips to help you cut out substances that obtain Xenoestrogens ‘fake oestrogen’s’:

1. Avoid plastic goods and store everything in glass/ceramic containers
2. Avoid microwaving food in plastic. The heat releases the chemicals from the plastic right into that ready made meal you just bought! Put the food into a ceramic bowl and cover with a plate
3. Hot plastic is dangerous- never leave plastic water bottles in a car
4. Buy organic fruit and veg (they are not sprayed with chemicals, all other fruit and veg are) I worked on a fruit farm in Australia for 3 months, I saw it all in action! Really toxic stuff that makes the non-organic fruit and veg all nice and shiny! I guess the saying goes…never judge a book by its cover!
5. Wash all fruit and veg thoroughly
6. Filter your water
7. Use a simple detergent
8. Don’t use fabric softener (the chemicals are absorbed from our clothes through our skin)
9. Choose natural- buy chemical free cosmetic products where possible. All health stores do chemical free deodorants, soaps etc.)
10. Start eliminating all the potential sources of imbalance in your hormonal system today. It’s never too late to make a change!


Check out some of the changes I have made for healthy hormones:

1. I use glass water bottles and glass food containers (available in Heatons, Tiger, Ikea, Howards Storage World)
2. I use a chemical free deodorant from Nourish (also available in most health stores)
3. I use olive oil as a form of body moisturiser
4. I use 100% coconut as face moisturizer (and I cook with it too!)
5. I use sweet almond oil as a face cleanser (it takes off all your make up including heavy eye make up and leaves your skin so mell moisturized)
6. I don’t use fabric softener
7. I get out and walk amongst the trees and hills once a week!
8. I try to consume organic food wherever possible


If you want to make a change today and get a nutritional and exercise program designed for your body type then book in for a personal training session online at or email me today at

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