The Best Furniture For Apartment Life

Space tends to be an issue if you’re living in an apartment – the lack of it we mean. Whether it’s minimal storage space or not enough room to host more than 2 guests for dinner, it’s time to start being clever about your furniture. Luckily for apartment dwellers, there’s an array of options on the market now to make your living space neat and compact but fully functional. Here’s a few key pieces that will make your little abode just as able as a house.

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1. Zapp 2 Seater Sofa Bed // DFS €869 – Sofa beds are a great thing to have in an apartment as spare rooms aren’t a luxury and floor space tends to be lacking. You can still have comfort and function if you invest in a good-en. 

2. Cubic Bar Stool // Dunnes €40 – Stools take up less room than clunky chairs, whether it’s at a kitchen counter or a dining table. They’re also often stackable so can be stored neatly too. 

3. Bramante Square Extending Dining Table // £399 – Extendable dining tables are the answer to all your dining dreams if you’re a hostess with the mostess. Often, you have enough room for a functional day-to-day table, which is where the standard size comes in, but with a slight shift of furniture you can extend this beauty right out to seat 6 people!

4. Prosody Wall Shelf // Ikea €10 – Floating shelves, whether in the living room, bedroom, or bathroom, are clever way to display and store things without appearing to take up too much space. Bookcases and shelving units are bulky and unnecessary space-hoarders so avoid them! 

5. Whirlpool Slimline Dishwasher // Harvey Norman €399 – If you’re not a washer-upper then a slimline dishwasher could be your answer. You can just replace one of the cupboard units in your kitchen with one of these skinny dishwashers – sorted! 

6. Vardo Storage Box // Ikea €29 – Storage is always an issue with apartments. With the lack of an attic, and often a small airing cupboard, you need to be able to store your seasonal things (ski gear, summer clothes etc) and anything else you don’t use daily. So, when buying a bed, make sure you have room to put boxes underneath. The Vardo boxes with wheels from Ikea are super handy. 

Featured Image // Dekris Design

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