Recipe Book: Festive Fruit Ice Cubes

We’re definitely in the festive spirit, and it’s also Friday, so we’re thinking about Christmassy cocktails and came across this great idea to share with you. Instead of putting in a mix of spirits or fresh mint for example, use these colourful and flavoured ice cubes for something special in your next cocktails or jugs of water. A few tips:

  • The mint ones would be perfect for mojitos, try adding the rosemary to a vodka tonic and the fruit juice versions would add a little something to a glass of bubbly, alcoholic or not.
  • Freeze some sugared slices of lime and lemon.
  • Blood orange cubes would make a great addition to a Bucks Fizz and the pomegranate ones would go down a storm with a cranberry juice and lemonade.
  • Coffee cubes before which are wonderful in an Irish Cream liqueur and frozen edible petals make a clear drink simply beautiful.


Credit // Capture By Lucy

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