Recipe Book: 4th of July Champagne

Celebrating 4th of July tomorrow? Then you’ll need some red white and blue drinks to sip on in the sun! We’re making this one with champagne but you can even just have it with sparkling water and it’s a refreshing drink for you and the kids.


Cranberry juice
Square and star ice cube trays


1. To make the star-shaped fruit ice, start by filling the trays with fruit. We used raspberries and blueberries. Finish off the trays with regular water, and put in the freezer.

2. To make the cranberry ice cubes, just pour cranberry juice into a regular square ice-cube tray and freeze.

3. Once the cubes are frozen, play with your presentation. Definitely use clear glasses, so that everyone can see your beautiful ice. If you place the cranberry cube in first, then a fruit star, and then sparkling water, you’ll get a pretty color gradient going up the glass. Fill with champagne and enjoy!


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