Go For Gold

It’s not all about statement jewellery these days – these delicate and ornate pieces are becoming very popular and can be worn all day every day but still feel special. They’re all gold plated so won’t tarnish like cheaper ones you get in most high street stores, so even though they’re a bit more expensive, they’ll last you so much longer.

1. Heart Of Gold // Natasha Sterling €495 – It would make a perfect gift to a loved one (or yourself!)

2. Carnival Cat // LouLou Grenelle €116 – A mischievous little necklace that gives a little edge to your outfit.

3. 9ct Gold Elephant // MoMuse €65 – A gorgeous little elephant from the Characters collection at MoMuse.

4. All Dreams Start Small Acorn // Chupi €129 – Cast from a real acorn found in Bordeaux, we love this idea of symbolising the beginning of everything.

5. Alex Monroe Little Feather Necklace // Knightsbridge Jewellery €139 – A feather is always a favourite accessory to any outfit. 

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