Outfit Inspiration For The Hat Wearer

Hats, we know not every one wears them, or thinks they can wear them, but with so many different types of hats out there in the Winter we’re quite sure at least one would suit you. Here’s a little outfit inspiration for all those head warming accessories.

1. The Fedora

This hat is a gorgeous way to add a chic finishing touch to your outfit. Tone down the look with jeans, boots and a camel jacket and you’re ready to take on the Winter in style.


Image // Blog Lovin

2. The Bobble Hat

You can’t go wrong with this all time Winter favourite. The bigger the bobble the better!


Image // Zoe Claudia

3. The Bowler

For a little masculine edge to your outfit add a bowler hat. Using a pop of colour like this red one is the perfect accessory companion.


Image // Lolo Bu

4. The Beanie

The perfect hat to give your outfit a little touch of sports luxe.


Image // Cara Loren

5. The Trilby

Trilby’s aren’t just for Summer, and if the bigger brim on a Fedora hat is too much for you, try out this one!


Image // Jadore Fashion

Featured Image // Models

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