Our 5 Favourite Spots For A Cocktail Over Christmas

It’s that time of year where you spend the majority of your time in a pub or bar, sipping on your favourite tipple whilst it’s frosty outside and there’s probably a fire on where you are. That’s why we’ve rounded up our 5 favourite spots to go for a cocktail when you’re off on your Christmas break!

1. Opium

Where: 26 Wexford Street

What we love: The Asian fusion food mixed with the friendly bar staff that’ll whip you up whatever your pallet desires.

Favourite cocktail: Porn Star Martini


2. House Dublin

Where: 27 Lower Leeson Street

What we love: The fact that you could be in your living room or garden but sipping on some of the best cocktails around.

Favourite cocktail: Poppy


3. Drury Buildings

Where: 52-55 Drury Street

What we love: It feels like you’re in the Meatpacking District in New York. The staff are lovely and the food is just as good as the cocktails.

Favourite cocktail: Drury Street Bloody Mary


4. 37 Dawson Street

Where: It’s in the name.

What we love: The atmosphere – it’s quirky but homey interior means you could go for cosy cocktail by the fire or dance till the early hours on a Saturday night.

Christmas cocktail special: White Chocolate & Raspberry Flip


5. 777

Where: 7 Castle House, South Great Georges Street

What we love: The Mexican flair and strong rich flavoured drinks with a little spicey food on the side.

Favourite cocktail: Margarita!


Featured Image // 37 Dawson Street


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