Nordic Design Comes To Dublin

We love it when new interior shops open in Dublin, especially when they are filled with beautiful Scandinavian homeware; enter Nordic Makers. Situated on Dun Laoghaire’s main street, this vast white space showcases Nordic style homeware by established designers, and those still at the infancy of their careers. We caught up with co-founder Louis Weyhe to tell us more about this collection of pieces.


‘Tinne Maria Andersen is a trained ceramicist and furniture designer, so she works with both wood and ceramics, and it’s really quite a skill to have such control over two very different materials. She’s currently living and working in Hawaii mastering her skills. We’re the only ones who resale her stuff right now – it’s all handmade, one of a kind pieces like these plates and this ‘conversation table’, designed to put your wine or whatever in the centre.’


‘This designer, Moren Emil Engel, makes these larger pieces which could take about a month to make, like this bench which was made from one big solid piece of oak. He embraces the character in the wood that big manufacturers might try and remove, like the knots and different colours in the oak.’


‘Kristian Gattan Pedersen is still a student in Denmark, in his final year of furniture design and we have his only pieces here. Scandinavian design really had it’s hay day in the 40’s and 50’s and he’s really looking back at the big masses of that period. He’s really inspired by that and uses it with minimalism and clean, clear lines in his work.’


‘We have three different light designers here. The paper lights are by Morten Droob who’s an origami artist – he sits and folds all these lights by hand. We have those in a range of different colours. Then these spiral type lights are by Kristoffer Munk who makes them out of different materials: cork, leather and plastic. They’re delivered in a small tube and then you just piece them together yourself.’


‘This artist here, Rasmus Svingel, is an architect from Denmark but does these drawings on the side. There’s a childishness and naivety to his work which is so nice. He loves drawing boats, he loves the idea that they leave the dock and they don’t know what will happen – that mysteriousness of what happens at sea.’


‘Daniel Friis Broundal is a leather-smith, but he’s the only one here who’s self taught, he has no proper training. This bag here would take about 2000 stitches and he does it all by hand, it takes a massive amount of time. To receive no training and be able to do work like this is incredible.’


Nordic Makers are in the Lighthouse Building on Georges Street Lower in Dun Laoghaire. Monday-Saturday 10-6, Sunday 11-4. They will also be launching their online shop very soon at

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