Non-Traditional Home Decor Ideas We Love

When it comes to home decor, we’re definitely ones for going against the grain of traditionalism. We love decorating ideas that make a statement because they’re not the norm. These ideas are like Marmite, people will either love it or hate it when they walk into your home, but as long as you’re confident with it and you love it, that’s all that counts! Here’s a few ideas to try out.

1. Mixed chair styles

Step away from the matchy-matchy dining table chairs and go for an eclectic mix.


Image // athomeinlove

2. Wild wallpaper

With all the amazing patterns on the market now, wallpaper can be far from dated. Go for a feature wall and make a statement!


Image // brit

3. Swap cupboards for open shelves

Ditch the standard kitchen design of over-head cupboards in the kitchen and put in open shelves. Try and keep the same theme running through your delph so it doesn’t look too cluttered.


Image // dougelissa

4. Bedside change-up

You don’t have to go for the clunky bedside lockers, instead, choose a quirky table or stool that will take up less space.


Image // 79ideas

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