Monday Munchies: Lamb Tagine With Cous Cous

Even though it’s Spring, it’s still freezing! So we’re looking towards delicious wholesome meals for the evening and this lamb tagine is definitely that.


4 tablespoons olive oil
2 lamb shanks
Flaked sea salt
Freshly ground black pepper
1 preserved lemon, flesh removed and finely chopped, peels reserved
1 large onion, finely chopped
2 cloves garlic, minced
1 teaspoon ground ginger
1/2 teaspoon turmeric
1/4 teaspoon Ras El Hanout
Pinch saffron
2 cups red wine
1 small bunch parsley
1 small bunch cilantro
Radish sprouts
Caramelized onions


Heat 2 tablespoons olive oil in a heavy bottomed dutch oven over medium heat.  Season lamb shanks with salt and pepper and brown them on all sides,  about 5 minutes per side.  Remove shanks from pan and set aside.  Add remaining two tablespoons olive oil, preserved lemon flesh onion, garlic and all spices and cook until onions are translucent and spices very fragrant, about 3 minutes.  Return lamb shanks to pot.   Add wine and enough water to just cover shanks.  Season well with salt and pepper.  Bundle herbs together and add to pot.  Cover pot and bring mixture to a boil.

Transfer pot to a 300 degree oven and let cook until meat is so tender it easily falls from bone, adding reserved lemon peel after an hour.

Remove from heat.  Remove shank bone, gently peeling away any meat and returning meat to pot.  Discard herb bundle.  Adjust seasoning with salt and pepper.  Serve with prepared couscous, sliced radishes and radish sprouts and caramelized onions.


Credit // Kitchen Repertoire

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