Minted: Parfums MDCI Vêpres Siciliennes


Parfums MDCI Vêpres Siciliennes €215 at Parfumarija

“Vepres Siciliennes” is an enchanting aria of lighthearted fruity refinement, a supple mélange of high and low harmonies that blend together in a continuously soft, shimmering flow of supreme lushness.

Its complicated structure (just look at the list of notes) translates into a surprisingly easy, effortless wear, just as Maria Callas’ voice makes the Verdi opera from which the fragrance takes its name seem as natural as birdsong.

An ever revolving carousel of a scent, with intense fruity tones, musky,woodsy and creamy accords it is sweet, but not overbearingly so. The ripe abundance of the orange orchard gives way to a rich, luxuriant floral gently spiced with cardamom, touched by soft mossy shadows and the sensuous embrace of a caramelised amber.

“Vepres Siciliennes” will conquer any fortress from the first spritz because no one can resist the promise of a charmed, dulcet paced life.

The MDCI range can be purchased either with gold coloured caps or exquisite bust caps.

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