Minted: Conversation Table by Tinne Maria Andersen


“Conservation Table makes conversing at the table easier. It was created, and got it’s name, from the conversation that takes place when sitting around the dinner table. The table is designed with a sunken box in its centre, where all objects that might be in the way for conversation, can be placed. Suddenly you are able to see the person across from you without any interference from the wine bottle! It’s a piece of furniture used for storage and also a dinner table. The box frees you from all items that otherwise would be lying around taking up space – and at the same time the box acts as a aesthetic detail in the centre of the table.” – Tinne Maria Andersen (Ceramicsandwood)

Ash – l:133 cm x h:72 cm x 85.5 cm – Available for delivery in County Dublin, Ireland only

Available at

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