Make A Statement With Lights

Statement lighting in a room can make for a focal point or be the extra special detail that makes a space come together. When selecting the pendant for your room, think about  how it will compliment the colours, style and feeling of the space and whether you want it to be the pièce de résistance or to blend in with the rest of the elements. Here’s a few ideas if you’re thinking of making that statement.

1. Chandeliers 

Don’t ever think that there is a ‘usual’ place to put a certain type of lighting. A chandelier for example shouldn’t always be contained to a living room or hallway, if it works in your bedroom then it really could be the wow factor in the room.


Image // Houzz

2. Big and bold

Playing with proportions can make or break a space, but don’t always think that small spaces need small features. These over sized pendants work wonders in this nook.


Image // Pinterest

3. Bed side lamps

Move over boring lamps and make way for statement lighting. We’re a little bit in love with these drop pendants!


Image // Pinterest

4. Bare is beautiful

Sometimes the stripped back version can be the most effective. These Edison light bulbs on bare wire have become more and more popular over the last few years and rightly so, when scattered together like this it can make just the right impact.


Image // The Barn Light

5. Modern magic

There’s so many weird and wonderful modern light fixtures available now you can really have a piece of art suspended above your dining table.


Image // Anthony Baratta

Featured Image // East Coast Creative Blog

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