LOVE-ly Things To Do At Home For V Day

If you’re planning on hiding in your home on Valentines Day to avoid the couple-packed restaurants, make it lovely by doing these things.

1. Run a romantic bath

Yes we’re talking the works; candles, petals, sensuous scents, champagne and the odd chocolate dipped strawberry wouldn’t hurt either.


2. Balloon romance

Put a note or memory on the end of each balloon for reasons why you love them. Tear.


Image // Inspiring Pretty

3. Create an unusual dinner location

Don’t just sit at the table, create a fort to escape from everything with some delicious food and perfect company.


Image // Funday

4. Go candle crazy

There’s nothing more romantic than a room filled with candles so go mad – it’ll keep the place all nice and snug too.


Image // Style Me Pretty 

5. Have an indoor picnic by the fire

Scrap the standard dinner for a picnic of cheese, wine and all sorts of other delicious snacks by the fire. You have to get some marshmallows involved too!


Image // Kayleen Typepad

Featured Image // Blaze On

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