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Anyone who knows me knows I tend to be on flights quite a lot. I used to live in England so whether it’s social engagements over there I have to get to or to the numerous adventures I like to plan for the year, i’m a dab hand at packing. I have a few items that will always be in my carry-on no matter if it’s a long or short haul flight to keep me entertained and organised..

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1. Classic St Mawes Ladies Watch // Daniel Wellington $199 – When travelling I always wear a watch so to easily keep track of the time (I hate rushing so always like to be early). My Daniel Wellington watch is a new favourite travelling companion.

2. Longchamp Medium Tote // Arnotts €105 – My Longchamp is the perfect travelling hold all – it ends up being a Mary Poppins bag because it can fit so much stuff!

3. Molton Brown Gingerlily Replenishing Hand Cream // Brown Thomas €12 – I hate the way planes dehydrate your skin so I always keep a hand cream in my bag. If i’m going on a long hall flight then a mini face wash and moisturiser is a must!

4. Copper Leather Passport Holder // Paperchase €29 – I do love an accessory, so it’s only fitting that my passport should have one too. Plus, i’m a big fan of copper.

5. Balm Balm Frangrance-free Lip Balm // MyShowcase £3.50 – My trusty Balm Balm lip balm is on hand to keep my lips moisturised.

6. Macbook Air 11″ // Compub €1029 – My precious Macbook is always by my side, even when travelling. I’m always working away so it keeps me busy when waiting at the airport, and i’ll always have a movie on it for the plane (if there’s nothing new out to download, Pride & Prejudice wins every time!)

7. Leopard Print Diary // Zara Home £15.99 – I carry my diary everywhere with me as I always like to keep my life somewhat organised. I’m a bit old fashioned when it comes to a diary (not a fan of the digital form), but will also use it for writing lists, ideas, tasks etc and this always ends up happening on a flight.

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