Last Minute Gift Ideas For Valentines Day

Ok so you weren’t prepared for V day, again, but fear not, one of these thoughtful and romantic ideas could save you.

1. Say it with balloons

Put a note or memory on the end of each balloon for reasons why you love them. Tear.


Image // Inspiring Pretty

2. A date for the diary

Plan a date for every month of the year (or every weekend of February if you’re short on ideas!)


Image // Every Day Celebrating

3. Create an unusual dinner location

Serve up dinner in a little fort just for the two of you for a special thought.


Image // Funday

4. ‘Open When’ letters

One for the gushy type of love (we <3 it) – write letters for him/her to open when….


Image // LDR Magazine

5. Print a personal card

To the point and exactly what you need to say on V Day (that’s if you can work out how many days you’ve been together!)


Image // Jenny Collier


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