Kitchen Gadgets You Need

We’re about to make your life so much easier with these handy kitchen gadgets. Cookings going to be a breeze so check out the recipes on the Mint Mag and get in that kitchen!

1. Spaghetti Measure // Designist €10 – Your nightmare of cooking way too much spaghetti is over!

2. Karoto // B Cool! €12.99 – TIme to make those pain staking peeling sessions a breeze. 

3. Cookie Cutter Safari // Red5 £6.95 – Animal cookies and a puzzle? We’re in. 

4. Rice & Easy // Designist €10 – The perfect measurer for rice (and we’ll be eating out of it too for a homemade take out feeling!)

5. Apple Cutter // Home Store & More €3.99 – An apple eaters dream. 

6. Pretty Pink Popcorn Maker // Argos £19.99 – Who wants shop bought when you can whip up your own for movie nights. 


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