How To: Vintage Glam Wave

We came across this retro hair tutorial and simply had to share it with you. If you think you can only get this stunning look in the salon then think again! This one is perfect for your Christmas party or any functions coming up.

1. Apply firm-hold styling gel to damp hair and comb through. Create a deep start part with a parting comb — use the arch of your eyebrow as a guide.

2. Sweep your hair away from the part with your fingers and hold it above the arch of the eyebrow opposite your part. Using your comb, sweep the hair forward toward your eye, and then back to your temple, creating a C shape. Insert flat duckbill clips (or large bobby pins) at the top and bottom of the C to hold the wave in place.

image (8)image (7)

3. Continue to set your hair, using your comb to direct hair forward, then back, and clipping into place. Once you hit your jawline, take the loose hair and roll it up into a loop, creating a pin curl. Secure with another clip or bobby pin.

4. Mould hair along your face in the same way on the opposite side of your head, ending in a pin curl.

image (5)image (9)

5. Next, take sections of hair at the back of your head and loop the hair into pin curls, securing with a clip.

6. Continue to create loose pin curls, until all of the hair at the back of your head is set. Diffuse, air dry, or set the curls with a little heat.

image (3)image (2)

7. Once hair is dry and cool, release all of the pin curls. But, don’t remove the flat clips securing your finger wave just yet! Gently comb through the ends of your hair — the flat clips will ensure that you don’t pull out those beautiful C-shaped curls that are framing your face.

8. Remove those last clips, and you’re done!

image (1) image (6)

Credit // Refinery 29

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