How To Travel The World In One Date In Dublin

We know what you’re thinking, how can you travel the globe in one city. But with the culinary advancements and social haunts that have popped up over the last few years, Dublin has become a haven of multicultural diversity, allowing you to experience the world right here on your doorstep. All you need is to clear your Saturday afternoon to evening schedule, have an open mind and wear some comfortable shoes (trekking around the world in your Loubs just isn’t possible ladies!)  Here’s your itinerary – enjoy!


Start off your day with Tostados (corn tortillas to me and you) and margaritas in 777 on Georges Street. You can get 3 small ones with different fillings so it’s not too heavy to act as your starter.

margaritas at 777

Image // thesavvyshopper


Skip across the road after and drink Japanese beers in Izakaya. They’ll have some good tunes going too.

izakaya bar


For your main course, head over to the Port House on South William Street for some delicious tapas and enjoy the candlelit atmosphere. It’s a real Spanish escape in Dublin.


New York

Enjoy a drink in Drury Buildings on Drury Street after your main meal – they have a lovely little terrace at the back of their downstairs bar. It’s stripped back decor transports you to the Meat Packing District in NYC.

drury buildings


Head over to Carluccios on Dawson Street and tuck into some traditional Italian gelato and limoncello as your after dinner digestif. So good!



Finish your day by listening to trad music in Gogartys, Temple Bar. Sip on a Guinness whilst you’re there and you’ll never feel more Irish!


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