How To Style Open Shelving Around The Home

Open shelving can work in any room in the house, it doesn’t have to be just thought of as a mount for that nice vase in the living room. More and more people are embracing and showcasing their every day bits and using it as added detail to their space. There are lots of great ways of styling your shelves to avoid that cluttered feeling in a room, so take note.

1. One colour in the kitchen

So you’ve chosen to go with open shelves in the kitchen instead of cabinets, but it doesn’t mean everyones going to see all your burnt-bottomed pots and pans. Clear out your mix-matched dished and run with one colour (we love a crisp white) to stack and display neatly.


Image // howtodecorate

2. Don’t hang, prop

Instead of hanging prints and pictures in your living room, prop up your favourite artwork along a shelf. This could work in hallways and bedrooms alike.


3. Make your bathroom spa-like

Display towels, plants and candles on open shelves in the bathroom for a salon-worthy feeling.


Image // thefrugalhomemaker

4. One for the kids

Display your kids favourite books on low shelving makes for a decorative addition to the room as well as easy access for them to choose one before bed time.


5. Go green

Create an indoor garden by displaying your favourite potted plants on cool shelves. There’s nothing like the vibrancy of green leaves to bring life to a space.

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