How To Stop Your Nails From Peeling

In the Winter, this is often a common occurrence amongst us ladies as our nails get more brittle and delicate in the cold (we’re severely lacking Vitamin D – roll on Summer!) So here’s how to look after your nails and keep them from peeling.

1. Conditioning nail varnish remover

If you do your nails as often as we do, then using a strengthening or nourishing nail varnish remover is important so to not strip the nail of its healthy layer. This Cutex one is available at Boots for €2.60.


2. Easy on the Shellac

Getting Shellac on your nails constantly is not good for them. You should always to try and take a break from normal nail varnishes too and just apply a nail hardener on your ‘off’ days. Any of the ones from Sally Hansens range are really good.


3. Vitamin boost

Using a multi vitamin to aid your nail strength is a good boost for your body – alongside a healthy diet of course.


4. Buff away

Buffing your nails to a lovely shine can remove dead layers but also make them presentable enough to not wear nail varnish and let them breath. Pick this one up in Boots for €10.


5. Hand cream handy

Keep your hands and nails moisturised, especially in this bitterly cold weather. Apply before going out into the cold or after washing your hands etc to not dry them out. The oatmeal in this Aveeno hand cream is amazing for moisturising and protecting.


6. Care for your cuticles

Keeping your cuticles healthy is the most important part of nail care as that’s where your nail grows from. So applying a nourishing oil every time you do your nails will keep them soft and supple.


Featured Image // Cosibelle Salon

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