How To Save Money In January

January can be a pretty long and financially tight month (just what we need to get over our January blues!), so we’re here with your survival guide to making your pennies last till the end of the month.

1. Don’t buy it, make it

No more eating breakfast or lunch out at work. Do a food shop on Sunday for the week and make up your lunch every day. You’re guaranteed to spend a third of what you would eating out.


Image // An Edible Mosaic

2. Free exercise

If you were looking to start the gym this month but haven’t got the cash, swap the treadmill for the pavement – and no excuses, running is running no matter where you do it!


Image // Pixshark

3. Stay in and have fun

If you can’t handle a quiet January and have to be a social butterfly, then crack open a bottle of wine and cook a nice dinner with friends in your house.


Image // Linsi In The Fast Lane

4. Alternative transport 

If petrol is eating up your wallet, then swap the car for public transport. Or if you’re in walking distance to a Dublin Bike stand then jump on one of those. You only pay €20 a year for renting them and they’re the easiest way of getting round the city!


Image // Telegraph

5. Avoid the shops

It’s an obvious one we know, but keep temptation at bay by staying away from pretty things you want to buy.


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