How To: Rose Oil Facial Mist Stress Reliever

For some, Christmas can be a stressful time of year – the cooking, the wrapping, the general mix of family – so we’ve found a little homemade remedy to give your face a little stress relief in amongst all the mayhem.


1 tbsp. rose essential oil (smells ah-maze-ing and gives a nice dewy glow; tightens skin and reduces dark circles under eyes; aids in emotional strength when essential oil is placed directly on pulse)
1 tbsp. vitamin E oil (promotes healing; is a strong antioxidant; balances skin tone; and aids in anti-aging)
1/4 cup purified water
3 oz. spray bottle



Using a travel-sized spray bottle, mix all the ingredients in and shake it up. Keep the spritzer in your purse for easy access to this rejuvenating mist. For best results, use in the am before applying your moisturiser.


Credit // Lauren Conrad

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