How To: Party Ponytail Hairstyle

Hi Mint-Maggers, Louise here. I recently posted a picture of my low ponytail hairstyle (by Nadine from Style Club South William Street) on our Instagram (excuse the serious look!), and just wanted to share with you this tutorial I found to try it yourself. This style makes for a really elegant and easy up do – perfect for New Years Eve! If you try it then tweet us a picture!

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1. Start by curling all of your hair away from your face into ringlets.
2. Use your fingers to comb out and loosen the curls.
3. Backcomb under the crown of your hair for fullness.
4. Using a comb, start from behind the ears and section off your hair.
5. Pull the back section up into a ponytail.
6. Twist the right side back over the hair-tie and fasten with bobby pins.
7. Repeat the twist on the left side and be sure to hide any pins.
8. Complete with hairspray!


Credit // Lulus

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