How To: Neon Dipped Pots

With the sun shining, we’re thinking more about our gardens and bringing a little green into the home. We love these neon dipped pots for a fun way to hold your herbs, plants or succulents, they would also make a cute gift too. Here’s how to do it.


Clay Pots
Foam Brushes
Painter’s tape
Acrylic Craft Paint in Colors of your Choice
White Acrylic Craft Paint (for the first coat)
Plants/Potting Soil (I chose succulents)



1) Gather your supplies
2) Tape off the bottom section of the clay pot with painter’s tape.
3) Use a few inches of tape at a time and gradually tape around the entire pot.  The tape will naturally move toward the top of the pot, since the pot is wider at the top than the bottom, so that is why you’ll want to make your way around the pot with several pieces of tape.
4) Paint a layer of white paint (a primer layer) below where you have taped off the pot.  Doing a layer of white paint will help the neon paint stand out much more.
5) After the white layer of paint has fully dried, paint a few layers of the colored paint.
6) Let the pots dry completely, then carefully pull off the tape and pot your plants.

Credit // Hello Bee

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