How To Master The Art Of Eclectic Living

People might say that eclectic decor is rather chaotic, but we think it’s nothing but a colour filled masterpiece. It’s really about taking various different textures, colours, patterns and furniture styles and making them all work in unison. Here’s a few things to think about if you want to achieve this look in your home.

1. Mixed materials

Take raw textures like wood and metal and mix them with glossy elements and polished glass.


Image // thinkdecor

2. Old meets new

Bring centuries of design together with modern and antique style furniture in the one space.


Image // carlaaston

3. Pattern pop

Work quirky patterns into a room like on this seat covers.


Image // countryliving

4. Move over minimalistic 

Plain white walls are not for eclectic-loving home owners. Fill walls with prints and unusual mirrors and lamps no matter what the size of the room.


Image // jonesdesigncompany

5. Colour is key

Pops of vibrant colour is a must so work it into the furniture as well as soft furnishings.


Image // popsugar

Featured Image // tidbitsandwine


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