How To Make Yourself A Cosy Nook At Home

It’s always nice to have a little space in your home that you can use to curl up and read a book or unwind from the stresses of the day. Here’s a few ideas to make yourself a cosy nook.

1. Blankets & cushions

There’s nothing like a blanket to wrap yourself up in and comfy cushions to nestle into to make you feel relaxed.


Image // sugarandcharm

2. Have a view

If you have somewhere near a window looking out to the garden or somewhere equally as serene, then utilise that space for hours of daydreaming.


Image // buzzfeed

3. Warm lighting

Have scented candles near by to light and make the space feel warmer (and smell delightful).


Image // fiaka

4. Get the right chair

Chaise loungers are great chairs for a cosy nook because you can stretch out and curl up without having to move. You can get ones with or without arms – what ever suits your space.


Image // rosaliga

5. Utilise waisted space

Whether it’s under the stairs or the bay of a window, use spaces that are otherwise un-utilised to create a unique space.


Image // decoist

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