How To: Lip Scrub

If you’re suffering from chapped lips in this cold weather, then a homemade lip scrub is just what you need. Apply a nourishing lip scrub during your morning routine so they’re nice and exfoliated before applying any make up and lip cover.

You will need

A couple of teaspoons of sugar
One / half a teaspoon of salt (to taste)
One teaspoon of olive oil
One teaspoon of vaseline
+/- one teaspoon of lip balm
An empty container



1. Put the olive oil, the Vaseline and the lip balm in a small bowl and stir until you get an even mixture. It’s best to use a fork for this, because with a spoon you’ll never be able to mix everything well.
2. Now, little by little, add the salt and the sugar. Keep on adding small spoonfuls of sugar until the mixture has the right consistency. It should be a granular mixture.
3. Put it in the box.
4. Done!


Credit // Rouge Imaginaire

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