How To: Homemade Christmas Cards

Making your Christmas cards might seem a little daunting, especially if you have a lot to give. But they don’t have to be hand drawn sculptures of the baby Jesus covered in glitter –  just make it simple and try these.

What you’ll need

Plain cards with envelopes (we got ours in Daintree)

Black and white twine

Black ink pad

‘Merry Christmas’ stamp



1. Stamp the front of the card with your ‘Happy Christmas’ stamp. Make sure that the opening of the card is at the bottom.

2. Once dry turn it over and stamp the back with a little ‘XO’ – we use the individual letter stamps from Muji. You could even stamp it with ‘Handmade by Me’ or ‘With Love’ – whatever you want.


3. Cut a piece of twine just longer than 2 widths of the card. One half goes under the fold and the other goes over – then double knot it at one side. Just make sure that with the knot that it still fits in the envelope. Then you’re done!


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