How To: Handmade Christmas Decorations

We’re getting so excited for Christmas and decorating our tree that we want to share how to make your own personalised decorations for something different this year. These can also be used for gift tags or to give as little presents – we made them last year and they were very well received. Happy crafting Mint-Magers!

What you’ll need

DAS air drying clay
Rolling pin
Cookie cutters
Stamps (we got ours from Muji)



To start get a piece of clay and roll as thin as you’d like your labels to be. Using cookie cutters, press through as many shapes as you can. Peel of the excess clay around the shapes and using something sharp (I used a knitting needle) make a little hole on the top. This is so that you can thread it with a piece of string to either put on top of a pressie or hang on your tree.

Leave them to dry for a day or two, so that they get solid. If there’s any rough edges just smooth it with fine sandpaper or a nail file.

Tie on ribbon or twine and decorate away!


Credit // Tracks Of Foxes

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